clickFeeling a litle crooked I went out to.. ride somewhere...

Against headwind as usual - I thought I was... Anyway taking along my new small little take everywhere shockproof nice for bicycle rides rugged drop into the water camera below zero to test it...

Here at the base of the Van Brienenoord bridge.
Yep it works.
clickFirst sign of crookedness.
clickHas seen better days.
clickCrooked pipe. Must be useful for something.
clickSlightly Slanted
clickA visual representation of the angle of the opened bridge you can see there. (Crook Angle?)
If maybe it wasn't obvious :)
Really I like it! Nice touch. Should be done more. One day I want to see it in action.
clickThere it is again
click She was aggressively telling me it was not a bicycle road. She waited for it. It would be dangerous if dogs (her dog) or even small children (!) would get caught in my spokes.

Told her I was going very slowly and I was. Didn't make it any better.
clickThe wind makes competing curves with the shredded banners
clickSomething crooked here again
clickAfter some random roaming on the way back.
Giant black hedgehog
clickNew sprouts. Admitted: not crooked
clickRotterdam growing.
Nice shot. I like my tiny rugged new cam :)

Must mention a lot of bicycle traffic crookedness. Cyclists - not even on phone - wobbling in curves. Lots of near misses. Cars driving across bikepath without looking... 2 times. Was even hit with quite some force when standing still at a traffic light - by another cyclist.