Routes around Rotterdam

( Here I write some and paste cellphone pictures of my bicycle rides around Rotterdam. To keep and to share. )

• 4jun2019 thundersheep 52km - code orange???
• 5jan2019 Lost In The Rain 69km - undefined detours
• 27sep2018 retourtjequackgors 75km - Yes, they quack
• 24sep2018 crookedawtumnm 32km - Everything Is Wrong
• 20sep2018 spruitjes 40km - Sprouts
• 19sep2018 moetvakerafstappen 32km - Stop More Often And Look Around
• 17sep2018 botlekadhoc 56km - ThatLastsummerDayMaybe
• 2sep2018 16h3 33km - Roaming around 16H
• 8aug2018 rainhascome 65km - End to droughtiness, time to get wet
• 16jun2018 veelbruggen 36km - More than planned on this Unplanned Trip
• 20dec2017 DSSWONWR 14km - one of my Daily Standard Short Weather Or No Weather Rides
• 11dec2017 sneaw 3km - yeah not so far but the best distance in a while
• 21nov2017 hartel 37km - Changes and Numbness
• 4nov2017 fullnomoon 61km - Full Moon ride to HvH Without Moon
• 25okt2017 nachtrit 44km - Night Works
• 29aug2017 Maasvlakte4 102km - Hot, humid and cold
• 20aug2017 Hoek (under construction)
• 17aug2017 EveningRide (under construction)
• 7aug2017 AfternoonRide (under construction)
• 26jul2017 Goedereede104km (under construction)
• 19jul2017 Ontbrekende Brug (under construction)
• 9jul2017 Vollemaan In De Mist (under construction)
• 6jul2017 Donder En Bliksem (under construction)
• 28jun2017 biesboschrondje 125km - rain, thunder and a warm night. Gran Fondo time!
• 20jun2017 singlespeedy (under construction)
• 15jun2017 botlekwolken (under construction)
• 2jun2017 hedgehogs (under construction)
• 29may2017 maasvlakte3 104km (under construction)
• 24may2017 notasunset noitwasnt
• 19may2017 Pinkhoek 62km - Rosy clouds and a crash
• 8may2017 Vondelingetje 37km - Quick twilight ride
• 12may2017 Gremlin 33km - Soaking wet, but captured it
• 30apr2017 Willowpath 64km - Going South
• 20apr2017 Hoek6 62km - Faraway Lunch
• 9apr2017 Beerenplaat 103km - Not accessible as expected, but that was a good thing
• 27mar2017 ouwemaasnieuwemaas 66km - dedicated to Joost
• 22mar2017 rondjelekkerkerk 47km - Weteringen are nice. I like them.
• 16mar2017 Maasvlakte 2 117km - A Good Day for a Gran Fondo
• 15mar2017 Weilanden 33km - Meadows
• 12mar2017 deadends 50km - getting nowhere can be fun
• 7mar2017 fixie2hook 62km - Let's see how she likes the salt water
• 9mar2017 Hovership ?km - Blue sky test ride
• 11feb2017 fixiesnow 50km - white surprise
• 5feb2017 fixie2botlek 40km - A longer trip on my freshly built fixie
• 1feb2017 wetsnowride ?km - quick cold ride with some wet snow
• 29dec2016 Freezefog 12km - Darker than expected
• 24dec2016 Kompas Route 2 72km - Shivers, not from the cold
• 20dec2016 Botleksploration 50km - Cold, but glad I went
• 14dec2016 Kompas Route 73km - Anniversary ride
• 4dec2016 Freeze 28km - ...these are not sheep.
• 28nov2016 Hoek van Holland 5 62km - Sub Zero Ride
• 17nov2016 Vondelingen 40km - Waterbike Ride and an instant fixie
• 15nov2016 2tunnelrain 28km - Raindog Ride
• 13nov2016 2circle 60km - Connect the circles
• 31oct2016 Hoek van Holland 4 66km - Another misplaced summer's day to end october.
• 29oct2016 Rotteroute60km - To the source!
• 21oct2016 2tunnelroute2 30km - The Old andthe New.
• 16oct2016 Hollands Diep 122km - The Day.
• 8oct2016 Graafwetering 69km - Very watery route.
• 3oct2016 Maasvlakte 125km - Finally. But that was hard.
• 26sep2016 Zestienhoven 2 20km - 56.4 kmh in the sunset
• 24sep2016 Botlek 4 60km - Felt the need to scrape some sheepshit of my wheels.
• 8sep2016 2tunnelroute 21km - Well... tunnel 1 was closed.
• 6sep2016 Spiderbridge 40km - Don't stop here.
• 2sep2016 Zestienhoven 1 20km - Around the airport.
• 29aug2016 Botlek 3 77km - Deeper into Botlek.
• 18aug2016 Botlek 2 68km - A drive on a warm august night with totally clear sky and stunning full moon, Rotterdam's most industrial areas - with a surprise.
• 16aug2016 Botlek 1 40km - This time continuing one of my favorite routes and see if I can discover some new grounds.
• 13aug2016 Hoek van Holland 3 60km - Could become my daily drive?
• 2jul2016 Hoek van Holland 2 76km - Till the end.
• 30jun2016 Hoek van Holland 1 85km - First long drive. Not intended, just happened.

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From: Agnes
Date: Thu Oct 6 21:33:40 2016

I think it´s super awesome that you found something you like as much as this. I´m happy to see you happy about this. Can´t wait to go cycling with you again!! xx your daughter

From: Don
Date: Thu Sep 8 18:23:21 2016

Hoi Ron, dank je, en lijkt me een mooie route. En dan door de Kiltunnel weer terug. Binnenkort op deze site! Was een mooie avond gister.

From: ron
Date: Thu Sep 8 12:56:51 2016

Hoi Don. Leuk om te zien! Ik ben trouwens ook erg gevoelig voor nachtelijke geuren. Dus dat snap ik zeker. De route die ik gisteren bedoelde was door de Heinenoordtunnel en dan gelijk naar links richting Puttershoek. Is ongeveer 22km.

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