Lost In The Rain

Felt like doing a longer tour tonight. Forecast was cold:
5 degrees C, NW 4bft. No rain.

They were right 2 out of 3.

The plan was to go to the "compass", a 75km ride I did before. Took my camera and monkeytripod with me, hoping for fog and better pictures.
clickSoon the drizzle started and did not stop. Me neither cause I had good gear on. Near the Botlek bridge there was a detour, 't was closed "indefinitely" ???. Going around it via Spijkenisse. Changed plan and took the "Sheep Route" that would bring me back to the Botlek.

All went well, warm dry and cosy in the rain. Here near the Caland bridge. I almost went on to the Maasvlakte.
So well.

Back in the beautiful 10000 Industrial Lights landscape I was suddenly near the Botlek bridge again - nice tailwind. No warnings or detours indicated. Rather than going back I decided to go along the other side of the highway towards the Hartel bridge. That would fix things.
clickOf course there was NO WAY to get on this bridge from there. (Picture taken in future). I remembered there was a road there along the river.

Well there was, but could hardly be called a road, 2km of of rubble and debris. Decided to plow on. Bit worried about my tires but adventure and unknown territory called.
clickSo... that was a 9km detour instead of the 1km if I had turned back. Haha. Not much adventure.
clickStill in good spirits. Empty, brightly lit shiny roads. Awesome.

Bit frustrating to wander around the myriad concrete pillar emptyness under this bridge and no stairs or access whatsoever. No directions, feeling lost, forced to go on.

Guess that was my adventure.